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To book a package please contact us on (808) 742-2200. Package bookings will be available online soon.

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To book a car please contact us on (808) 742-2200. Car bookings will be available online soon.

To book a flight please contact us on (808) 742-2200. Flight bookings will be available online soon.

To book a activity please contact us on (808) 742-2200. Activity bookings will be available online soon.

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Getting around

You will most likely be arriving into Kauai at Lihue Airport as this airport offers direct flights from the mainland of the USA and overseas destinations. Additionally, inter-island flights frequent Lihue Airport.  If you have a window seat on the airplane, you will notice the blue waters and beaches on arrival - but most notable is the rugged, green terrain on Kauai.  The airport is simple, efficient, and visually pleasing. Most of the airport is open-air and features Hawaiian art and decorations with baggage claim being very easy.   

Renting a car
We recommend that you rent a vehicle for your stay in Kauai. Kauai's public transportation is limited and many of the attractions on the island are spread out requiring you to drive - sometimes more than an hour at a time. Although Kauai is not a large island it can take a long time to drive around. Kauai has one major road that circumnavigates most of the island - Route 50 to the south and Route 56 to the north. This road is only one lane in each direction with next to no shoulder and the speed limit is between 35 and 50 MPH. Roads do not form a complete circle around the island because road workers were never able to pave a road across the Alakai Swamp; thus the road is one long line from Polihale Beach to Ke'e Beach. Parts of the road are windy, with many side views of beaches along the coast, and it traverses many one-lane bridges in the northern part of the island.

Getting a taxi
When choosing a taxi service on Kauai it’s a good idea to pay attention to the company’s location and general operating area. Most of them operate from out of Lihue, but not all. If you’re on Kauai’s north shore then your best bet is to use North Shore Cab. If you’re on the south or southwest shore, then you might want to consider Southshore Taxi.

If you’re traveling in a group and need a taxi with extra space, then call Akiko’s Taxi – (808) 822-7588 – they’ve got minivans.

Public transport
Kauai’s bus service is called THE KAUAI BUS. Bus fares are $2.00 and $25 for a monthly pass. It travels from Kekaha to Hanalei with stops all across the main highway. The bus can take you to most of the islands major sites, but not all of them. If you really want to save money, you can just take the bus to travel around the main parts of Kuai, and only rent a car to go see the places the buses don’t go.

If you use Kauai Bus for transportation, here are some of the bus rules you should know:

  • No food or drink
  • No smoking
  • No profanity
  • No drop-offs at undesignated bus stops
  • Carry-ons must not be larger than 9” x 14” x 22”

To get more info and a bus schedule, call the County of Kauai Transportation Agency at (808) 214-6410 from 7AM to 5PM Monday through Saturday. Also see the Kauai Bus Schedule on www.kauai.gov.